A New Beginning

There is no doubt that Belloc could not have arrived at his radical unveiling of the mercantile philosophy of usury-capitalism if he had not been a devout christian believer. His catholicism, however, is not a hindrance to following his theses since he not only perceived the necessity of belief in Divine power, but he also recognised the false nature of modern atheism which sustained itself on a quotidian basis of superstition and astrology and which needed an abstract theism in the events of wars, disasters, and the deaths of presidents. It was clear to me that for the success of the Belloc doctrines, the presentation of True Religion had to be sound and unshakeable in its fundamental precepts. Tragically, for Europe, Catholicism was a failed theology. It was this realisation which brought me as a beggar to the door of Islam.

If I had been appalled by the deliberate distortions that had degraded Monarchy, by that I mean Personal Rule, or that had given metaphysical force to a political democracy declared obligatory although financially powerless, it was nothing to the shock I was to sustain in seeing the Deen al-Haqq, the True Religion, presented to the world as either terrorism or simply another version of ‘peace and tolerance’.

The encounter with Ernst Jünger completed for me a whole mosaic of understanding. Heidegger, Jünger and Belloc were all sustained by a unified view that demanded recognition of the Divine, a civic order, and most vitally of all, a realisation that governance had to be embodied in a single person, bearing in mind the condition laid down by Belloc: a King can only govern with the approval of the people – the political state governs but is despised by the people. In this model, war is a necessary but limited phenomenon. Perhaps a greater tragedy of our time, worse than the continuing deaths and starvation of millions caused by bankism and its debt system, has been the abolition of war. In its place have come two more terrible realities, terrorism on the one hand, and mass technological destruction on the other. Far from being the end of a journey, these thinkers had pointed the way to a new destination for me and a new beginning.

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