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Greetings from an Octogenarian

On the occasion of the opening of this my personal website which is dedicated to the new generations, the inheritors of an anarchic society shattered by their parents and grandparents, I would like to point a way forward by a recuperation of wisdom lost.

From my college of leadership, Dallas College in Cape Town, thanks to the transcription by two of its alumni made from the over 200 year old text, I will be able to publish the greatest work of the master of the Scottish Enlightenment, Adam Ferguson: ‘The History of the Roman Republic: its Progress and Termination’. Out of print to the public for centuries, it again gives us access to Ferguson’s political understanding, illuminated by his reading of our primal module of the state and his ominous vision of modern society transformed into slavery through finance.

In the 20th century, however, politics was trapped in dialectical method. Malaparte defines it when he said that Lenin was the state and Trotsky was the revolution. In the same way Mussolini was the state and D’Annunzio was the revolution. Stalin assassinated Trotsky and Mussolini assassinated D’Annunzio. Hitler was neither, only a great actor riding on the last energy of Lutheran racist theology. The swastika was the final cross of European protestantism.

Our age is defined by the disjunction between governance and finance. It is in constant crisis because finance governs and government finances the masses.

With terrorism the product of the mechanism of anti-terrorism it is clear that action, responsible action, cannot follow.

Needed, firstly, is what Sallust called,

naming things by their right names.

The grammatical sentence is the foundation of future freedom.

Welcome to my post-political, i.e. post dialectical ideologies, post structuralist, and simple world free of mythic democracy, shamed tolerance, and atheism pretending to reason.


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